When choosing a saddle blanket for your horse there are many things to consider: The style of saddle you will be using, the thickness of the saddle blanket and more.

A horse saddle blanket is an important item that despite its cost, owners cannot escape purchasing it.  However, in order to ensure that you get value for money, the following tips will help you when you are choosing a saddle blanket for your horse.

1. Material
A horse saddle blanket can be made from a variety of materials, for instance wool, synthetic fabrics, cotton, etc. What you decide to buy for your horse depends on your personal preference as well as the climate you are residing at. If you leave in a very warm country, you might want to choose wool which can take away the heat emitted by the horse’s body. It can also help to absorb the sweat from the horse while it is traveling. Being of a soft material, the horse will feel very comfortable even with a load full of items or with a saddle fixed to its body.

2. Cost and Maintenance
Depending on the material, a horse saddle blanket can be a very expensive item. However, you have to bear in mind that you pay more for better quality. A cheap blanket might not be able to last a few washes while an expensive one might be able to last many years if you take proper care of it, such as brushing it clean of hair and dust regularly. You do not have to wash it too often though as the blanket will lose its original looks and feel. Take note also that you should not use soap water when washing the blanket as its residue left behind might irritate the horse.

3. Durability
You will want to buy a horse saddle blanket that can last long so it has to be tough and firm while at the same time comfortable for your horse. Most of these blankets can last you many years unless you do not maintain it properly.

4. Fit
By fit, I am referring to whether the horse saddle blanket fits perfectly; I am talking about whether it clings snugly to your horse’s body. You do not want it to slip because the rubbing friction can cause injury to your horse’s skin.

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As a horse owner, it is absolutely necessary to purchase a horse blanket to protect it from the weather as well as from getting injured by the saddle.  However, why is a wool saddle blanket a good choice among the many there are available in the market?

When you use a wool saddle blanket, your main intention is to ensure that the horse’s back is well protected.  Wool has also been found to be the best material for absorbing the sweat emitted by the horse and to cushion the shock experienced during traveling.  Since wool is soft and light, it can conform to the shape of the horse and prevents it from being hurt by saddles that might not be properly fitted to the horse.  Moreover, a wool blanket also prevents heat from building up which may happen if you use saddle blankets made from other types of harder fabrics.

Cleaning up for a soiled wool saddle blanket is easy.  All you have to do is to spray the soiled area with water and detergent.  Rub it with your fingers or brush it with a comb, then leave it hanging upside down to dry.  If you clean up the soiled area right area it can be removed very quickly and easily.

Not much daily maintenance is necessary to extend the lifespan of the wool saddle blanket.  You can simply brush the blanket occasional to remove the dirt and hair and that will help to keep it clean.  It is not necessary to wash the blanket every day because they may shorten the lifespan of the wool.  Do not use soap as you do not want to leave behind soap residue that may irritate the horse’s skin.

A wool saddle blanket can last for many years if you take proper care of it.   In addition, its softness fits the animal snugly, making it very comfortable for the horse as it is traveling.  What is most important is that a wool blanket is very affordable, you can easily get one for around $175, so what’s stopping you if you are looking for a saddle blanket for your horse?


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